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Meet our Team

Lisa Gerardy, Board Member


Lisa Gerardy is a proud member of the adjunct gig economy, teaching college writing at three universities online. When she is not trying to detect AI and correct apostrophe errors, she is sharing her cringe-worthy childhood with complete strangers online. She is writing a memoir entitled Chasing Normal and hopes to finish it while she can still remember everything. Lisa lives in Phoenix with her long-suffering husband and cherishes visits from her son who lives too far away. She accepts love, slobber, and many bruises from her huge dogs in her spare time. 

She was born and raised in South Florida, which is in the South but technically not “the South.” Lisa has also lived in the real South, the Midwest, and she currently resides in the wild wild west. So, she has seen quite a bit of this wonderful country and is inspired to help save it.  

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