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Why The Valley Forge Project?


1. Impose term limits on Congress

2. Limit and cap campaign and party donations. 


The Valley Forge Project exists for one reason: to amend the U.S. Constitution to term limit Congress and remove corporate money from our politics. We are non-partisan. We represent Independents, Republicans, Democrats and people who do not fall into the two-party system.

The issues facing America affect all of us. A dysfunctional Congress and parties corrupted by money and influence have consequences for every American. We have brought people together from the entire political spectrum in order to accomplish this. Trust is built on honesty; we intend to prove ourselves through transparency.



We are patriots who love this country and have watched as it cheapened its institutions, descended into partisanship and politics for profit, and sold the sacrifices of our ancestors for pennies on the dollar.


We are nobodies without inherited wealth or world-class educations. We have no vast platform of influence. We don’t have the ear of the powerful.

We are helpless as we watch the news or get on social media and see our fellow Americans battle like blood enemies instead of stand together like blood brothers. We fight like families but have yet to make up, so we sometimes think the breach is permanent even though we believe with all our hearts that it’s not.


Anyone who wants to can see exactly how we get and spend your money and exactly what we are doing at any time. We are here to earn your trust and work with you to amend the problems that have arisen in our political system.


The Valley Forge Project was founded in 2023.  We propose to amend the Constitution in the following manner. 

  • Impose a 12-year term limit on Congress. 

  • Restrict monetary contributions to federal campaigns and political parties to individuals, which will be limited to $2,000 a year. 

These amendments will ensure that people are represented instead of partisan or corporate interests. Our representatives will be freed from partisan and financial shackles and will be able to represent their constituents. There will be no more career politicians. 


To ensure we can reach this goal, The Valley Forge Project will make three promises to every donor, volunteer, and American: Transparency, Patriotism, and Honesty. 


We believe America is back at Valley Forge, an army of patriots abandoned by its government who have no choice but to come together, learn discipline, and make sacrifices. The United States is in mortal danger; before long we’ll have to come back and start winning. We believe America can be saved, and that only the people of the United States acting in common purpose can do it.


We want to amend the U.S. Constitution to term-limit Congress to twelve years and prevent candidates and political parties from receiving money from well-funded people and organizations in exchange for favorable legislation and pliant judges. This is the first step in getting the country back, but we cannot do it alone. 


We need your help. 

Meet our Team

The Valley Forge Five


America was losing the war and the fight for independence in the winter of 1778. The British had taken the capital. The Continental Congress was on the run. George Washington and the ten thousand soldiers left in the army retreated to winter quarters at Valley Forge. They had no shoes, no food, and no shelter. Winter was here, and when it was over, the British were coming for whoever survived. Congress was unable to deliver food, clothes, or weapons. The cause of the United States seemed lost. 

During that winter, the Continentals learned unity, discipline, and sacrifice. Congress finally got its act together. The army found the steel it needed to stand together in the face of the world's foremost military power

They left Valley Forge and started winning. 

Stacey Roberts, Founder

Stacey Roberts was born in New Jersey. Less than ten years later, the same people who had given a boy a girl's name packed him and whatever he owned that would fit into a used RV. 

Mark Gosson, Chairman of the Board

Author, inventor, speaker, and educator Mark is an imaginative change agent with a proven record of consistently delivering outcomes and business value. Driven by a natural curiosity about human behavior, how we communicate, connect, and relate. Passionate about the science of storytelling.

Gosson portrait color.png
Eric Erickson.jpg
Eric Erickson, Board Member

Eric Paul Erickson is a former journalist with the Chicago Tribune‘s City News Bureau, the Roswell Daily Record and other newspapers and media outlets as well as an award-winning writer, performer and filmmaker.

Jake LaRue,  Board Member

Jake LaRue is a horse professional and Marine Corps veteran whose mission is to share the healing power of horses with other veterans.

Lisa Gerardy, Board Member

Lisa Gerardy is an English professor, writer, and speaker, usually not all at the same time.

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