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Meet our Team

Stacey Roberts, Founder

headhsot of the founder of the valley forge project

Stacey Roberts was born in New Jersey. Less than ten years later, the same people who had given a boy a girl's name packed him and whatever he owned that would fit into a used RV. He and his family lived in it for 5 years, traveling America by highway. The RV broke down at several tourist spots like Death Valley and the Grand Canyon and lost its brakes on the hill leading down to Hoover Dam and its killer turbines.

There wasn't much to do other than read and watch America roll by, so that's what he did. This pilgrimage had two significant impacts on his life: he learned to love history, and his experiences became the basis of his first book, Trailer Trash With A Girl's Name.

You can't study history without learning politics, and before long Stacey realized that the American political system of the twenty-first century wasn't the one promised by the founders in the eighteenth.

His wife made him stop watching the news. 

He started the History's Trainwrecks podcast, which dealt with historical figures who seemed to have everything going their way and then blew it. But before long he was back to politics because things in America weren't getting better. In 2019 he published No One Left But All Of Us, a book about the America we were promised, the one we had, and what we could do to fix it.

In 2022 he started the I'm Not Allowed To Watch The News Podcast as a way to protest the spousal injunction against watching the news.

His wife says he is "oppositionally defiant." He believes it is a syndrome she entirely made up.

Stacey found a book about Valley Forge in an antique shop in Louisville, Kentucky, and it was there that he finally realized what was up with the country. America was back at Valley Forge, and it needed to do the same things the Continental soldiers had to do then: learn unity, discipline, and sacrifice in order to save the American cause.

He started The Valley Forge Project to convince the people of the United States that only they could fix what was broken, first by amending the Constitution to break the corrupting power of money and partisanship over our government, then by understanding what Americans could accomplish once they united in common purpose and spoke in one voice.


He knew it because he read about the Revolution and the Civil War and the Great Depression and World War II and the Cold War. He saw it out the window of his rickety RV all those years ago. He sees it now in all the acts of kindness and strength and compassion and courage Americans perform every day.


He believes in the people of the United States of America, and he knows for sure that we can do this.

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